Sanders headshot 1 2014In my role as Senior Vice President of Athlete & Talent Marketing at Excel Sports Management, I’m able to explore my fascination with the marketing process, especially “fan loyalty”. The primary goal of any marketing is to improve consumer loyalty, and there is no loyalty greater than that between fans and their favorite athletes/teams/musicians/celebrities. Sports marketing allows advertisers to borrow some of that avid fan loyalty. I really enjoy being a part of that process and am obsessed with understanding how it works.

I started this blog to encourage thought and discussion of current events and how they impact the world of icon marketing. As broadcast television audiences become more fragmented, and more vulnerable to time shifting and place shifting, I believe sports/entertainment marketing will become even more important than it is today. Rising rights fees prove my point. Other changes in the entertainment industry have led to the rapid decline of celebrity reluctance to associate with brands. Jennifer Aniston and Smart Water, Scarlett Jonannson and Soda Stream, Leonardo Decaprio and Tag Heuer. The taboos are gone and brand affiliation has gone mainstream. That’s the world I live in, and I’d like for this blog to be a place to explore and discuss that process.

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  1. Karrie Klassen says:

    I just saw your blog article on FB & loved it!! You’re a terrific writer! Hope you and your family are enjoying this lovely 4th weekend! KK

  2. Christy says:

    Keep up with this until he gets the message that he won’t
    get attention by jumping up. In doing so a wider range of participants is now invited
    to join in to exchange their ideas.

  3. Candance says:

    In addition to the two companies, I discovered that many companies offer an affiliate programs including sites I frequent such as ROAD ID. Chief among these behavioural shortfalls is the habit of jumping up at people.

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