David Beats Goliath

So now we know how the story ends. The people’s champion wins. Mighty Casey doesn’t strike out. The good guy gets the girl. We all love happy endings, right?

NBA championship teams have much in common. Dallas fits the bill. Miami doesn’t. Here’s my list:

– Time to gel. Teams don’t win overnight. Dan Gilbert is right. There are no shortcuts. Teams need time to gel, develop chemistry and get to know one another as a unit.

– Balance of stars and role players. MJ did not win alone. Even famous “Big 3” teams were rounded out with strong role players. MJ had deadly outside shooters, relentless rebounders, committed defenders, savvy veterans. Saying he won alone is a myth. Cartwright, Kerr, Pippen, Longley. Kukoc, Harper, Rodman and others all contributed.

– Great coaching. Championship coaches are hall of famers. Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Doc Rivers, Greg Popovich, Rudy T, Red, etc. Show me a list of championship teams and I’ll show you a list of great coaches.

– Pieces that fit. Great teams are comprised of pieces that fit together.

Hindsight is 20/20, but I think most of us knew that Miami didn’t fit any of these descriptions. If they had won the title, all of our beliefs about what it takes to win an NBA championship would have been blown to dust. As NBA fans, of course we want “our team” to win it all. But if they can’t, I believe we all want the team that exemplifies all we love about the great game to take the prize. That’s why we all respect San Antonio. In our daily lives, we all need to work with our coworkers as a team. We need to know our role. We need to follow our bosses direction. We need time to gel in our groups and work over time towards a collective goal.

In the NBA, teams have never been able to “buy” championships overnight. A Miami victory would have destroyed much of what we love (and can relate to) about the NBA. Congrats Dallas. Chalk one up for the little guy.

About Bill Sanders

SVP of Personal Brand Management at PMK*BNC. Helping icons from all walks of life to connect with their fans and monetize their brands.
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1 Response to David Beats Goliath

  1. Sophia says:

    As much as everyone would like a happy ending, realistically, I’m glad it’s not always the case. The better team the more they deserve the trophy.

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