Christmas List

Dear Santa,

All in all I’ve been pretty good this year, don’t you think? I’m hoping you noticed, and were able to look the other way now and then. Just in case I made the cut this year, here’s my holiday wish list, in no particular order. This Christmas, I wish for:

  1. Yao Ming to recover fully from his recent injury and return to the court. Soon.
  2. Steve Nash to win an NBA championship…with the Phoenix Suns.
  3. Rajon Rondo to win another ring.
  4. Brandon Jennings to continue to emerge as one of the most exciting players in the L.
  5. Greg Oden to fully recover and get back on the court.
  6. BoomDizzle and the Clips to prove everybody wrong.
  7. BDA to control the NBA draft. Again.
  8. Peace on Earth. And between David Stern and Billy Hunter. No lockout please Santa!
  9. Tiger Woods to return to dominance. A rising tide (even in athlete marketing) rises all ships.
  10. The Dodgers to return to MLB elite status. Peace in the McCourt court.
  11. A healthy economy and all of the marketing dollars that accompany it.

Not too much to ask, right Santa? 2010 has been a bit of a bumpy year. How about a healthy, happy prosperous 2011 for all of us? Sound good? Cookies and milk are waiting.

Much Love,



About Bill Sanders

SVP of Personal Brand Management at PMK*BNC. Helping icons from all walks of life to connect with their fans and monetize their brands.
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One Response to Christmas List

  1. JC says:

    Santa says 2 and 3 are contradictory. That is, unless you’re hoping for RR to get traded to the Suns.

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